Our services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your page is not among the top 10 results for any given search, you might as well not have one. You want your content to connect with as many interested people as possible.

Web Development (WordPress Website)

WordPress has become the most used content management system, and it probably hosts most web pages online today. That is why most SEO Experts and many smaller businesses choose to go with WordPress


We uncover the big ideas and small details in your business; then we create powerful designs to bring you more new customers. Our Process captures your best ideas and transforms them into designs that increase trust and sales for your business.

Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is an incredible opportunity to give your business a leg up by putting your brand and products in front of interested users who may never have found it otherwise. Unsurprisingly, it can be an irreplaceably valuable tool for building brand awareness, generating leads and driving conversions.

Social Media Marketing

More than 1.7 billion people log into their social media accounts every day. Your customers and prospects are almost certainly among them. However, each social media channel is directed at a specific audience and market

Video/Photo Production

Video/Photo marketing is a marketing technique used to promote brand awareness, products, services, or to achieve other marketing objectives. This technique uses social networking and other tools to gain traction for the consumer to see.

Content Writing

Content, at the most basic level, is information. Content on the web takes a variety of forms: blog posts, social media posts, video and audio recordings, web pages, white papers and more.

Email Marketing

email marketing is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients this allows businesses to keep their customers informed and tailor their marketing messages to their customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Optimization or CRO lets you pyramid your successes and grow your business exponentially. CRO involves copywriting, website design, and improving user experience on your site.

Online Reputation Management

Today, nearly every business transaction starts with a Google Search. And whatever appears about you and your business on page one of Google is critical. One bad review on Facebook, Twitter, or a blog can wreck your brand and your website rankings.

eCommerce Optimization

Ecommerce optimization is a multi-tiered approach that involves many elements. From user flow optimization to navigation, mobile, homepage and purchase optimization, all aspects and pages should establish an easy and unforgettable experience for your customers.

Brand Strategy

Consumer perception shapes purchasing decisions. That’s why the quality of your brand is just as important as the quality of your product or service. Brand management and Strategy is everything you do to shape how consumers perceive your business.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries and if you want to stand out from the rest, hiring the Trimeck marketing and SEO experts is the smartest move you’ll ever make.

Influencers & Public Figure

Its now easier than ever to become Insta-Famous. We focus on proxy marketing to give to a following of people near you!

Private Label Marketing

private label digital marketing is all about, repackage, branding, and resell. Trimeck Marketing offers a range of marketing services, including Private label PPC (Pay per click advertising), and private label social media marketing (SMM).